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New River Gorge Facts

The New River Gorge Bridge In Fayetteville West Virginia was immortalized on the West Virginia State Quarter and is now the most recognizable symbol for the state . Attracting thousands each year. The New River Gorge Bridge and the New River are an adventures wonderland. From white water rafting,rock climbing,camping
,fishing and horseback riding the New River Gorge has plenty to offer.

The New River Gorge Bridge

At A  Staggering 3030 feet long and  876 feet high. Width of 70 feet wide. 88 million pounds of  steel and cement. It is the 12th highest bridge in the U.S.Construction began in 1974 on this massive task that took the the lives of a few brave souls and despite urban legends no one is buried in the concrete footing at the base.  It took three years to build and was opened and dedicated on October 22, 1977.After completion the  bridge cut travel time across the  New River gorge from 45 minutes down to Fayette Station and across  Tunney Hunsaker Bridge aka “the little bridge” ,back up the other side to 25 seconds across the new span.the New River Gorge Bridge is also second-longest single-arch steel span in the world.
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New River Gorge Facts

Every year the New River Gorge Bridge is closed to both lanes of traffic for the annual “Bridge Day Celebration”. On this day, pedestrians are invited to walk across the bridge  and partake in this festival of the completion of the Bridge. Base jumping attracts about 100 brave individuals who jump from the side of the bridge. Also Rappelling  down a 700 foot long cord to the bottom by attaching their ropes to the top of the bridge . Even though it is called Bridge Day is event last 5 days in Fayetteville.

New River Gorge Facts

The New river  stares in western North Carolina, in the small county of Ashe . From there it flows through the state of Virginia and then to West Virginia where it is apart of the Ohio Valley watershed until it meets the Gauley River to form the Kanawha River.  The New River is around 320 miles long and is considered to be one of the oldest rivers in the continental United States. An interesting fact about the river it flows backward, compared to most other rivers. Flowing from South to North. The New River Gorge and the New River is now popular for White Water Rafting, which brings thousands to the small town of Fayetteville each year.

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New River Gorge Park

The Canyon Rim Visitor Center located next to the New River Gorge Bridge.Offers visitors  a view of the New River Gorge Bridge history with fossils taken from the gorge and photos from the early construction of the bridge. There are two observation wooden decks for viewing the bridge . You can also travel down to Fayette Station and the New River. A wooden boardwalk also allows  visitors to descend into the gorge for more spectacular views from the underside of the bridge.The park offers up several  opportunities for whitewater rafting,rock climbing it’s sheer cliffs,camping, site seeing, hunting,fishing,horseback riding, and mountain biking are just a few.

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