Finding a hotel in Fayetteville Wv

Finding a hotel in Fayetteville Wv,If you are going to be making a trip to Fayetteville Wv  for West Virginia Bridge Day or perhaps a white water rafting trip down the New River. Your options are very limited to where you can stay.Fayetteville is a small town and has just recently started to grow with […]

Gauley River White Water Rafting

Gauley River White Water Rafting  is located in central West Virginia near  the town of Summersville.At 105 miles long the river comes to life as it passes through Summersville Damn.That is in The Gauley River National Recreation Area. This is where the river gains most of its power and momentum from.The weekend after labor day […]

New River Gorge Bridge

New River Gorge Bridge construction began on  June of 1974 and after three years it was completed on October 22, 1977. At a  cost almost  37 million dollars. Due to  the chosen design and the shear span of the gorge, steel was run by cable into position by trolley like trams that ran from one […]

New River Gorge Climbing

New River Gorge Climbing within the  National Park in WV covers a total of 63,000 acres are over and has an astonishing  1,400 established rock climbs. The gorge is one of the most popular climbing regions in the United States. The cliffs at New River Gorge are from 30′ to 120’ feet in height and […]

New River Gorge White Water Rafting

The New River runs adjacent to  the town Fayetteville,WV . New River Gorge White Water Rafting is available  for most of  year, but which clothes are very different depending on the season. In the fall .Water prof wet suits are best.During the summer months it is really up to you.Prices for rafting the New River […]

New River Gorge Facts

The New River Gorge Bridge In Fayetteville West Virginia was immortalized on the West Virginia State Quarter and is now the most recognizable symbol for the state . Attracting thousands each year. The New River Gorge Bridge and the New River are an adventures wonderland. From white water rafting,rock climbing,camping ,fishing and horseback riding the […]

New River Gorge Adventures

New river gorge adventures are numerous activities that can be found inside the New River Gorge. Whitewater rafting is by far the most popular. Way back in 1977 a few adventures souls thought it would be a great idea to take a small inflatable raft and brave the white water. Since then thousands have also […]

New River Gorge Bridge Day

New River Gorge bridge day  annual festival has been held since the bridge was opened in 1977 every year on the third Saturday in October. . Each year nearly 100,00 people show up for this one day event. The Bride was built in 1977 and spans the New River Gorge and the New River. At […]